To Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch:

Tucker Carlson is a dangerous white supremacist who uses his Fox News talk show to incite violence against Black people and other communities of color. And now that allegations of sexual harassment have come to light, it is more unacceptable than ever before for your network to continue to give Carlson a megaphone for his racist and violent rhetoric.

You recently sent a memo to Fox Corporation staff saying that “it is essential that we … closely listen to the voices of peaceful protest and fundamentally understand that Black Lives Matter.” But Carlson has clearly ignored this statement: He continues to use his airtime to race-bait, stoke violence against Black people and echo Trump’s call to arms against protesters. Your “Black Lives Matter” memo will mean nothing until you stop paying and providing a national platform to white supremacists and sexual predators.

Please fire Tucker Carlson — and get rid of anyone who is found to be a sexual predator at Fox News.

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    Carlson and other white supremacists may have a right to freedom of speech, but they are not guaranteed the privilege of a national platform.

    Tell Fox News: Fire Tucker Carlson

    Tucker Carlson has long courted a white-supremacist following at Fox News and elsewhere.

    Carlson repeatedly spouts racist rhetoric on his talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight and encourages violence against Black protesters. There is already a long list of reasons for Fox News to fire him. This week, more disturbing news came to light in the form of a lawsuit detailing allegations of sexual misconduct by Carlson while working at Fox News.

    The lawsuit, which names Carlson and other current and former Fox News employees, describes Fox News as a place that “continues to protect and reward perpetrators of sexual harassment and refuses to take accountability for putting such persons in positions of power from which they can subject women to sexual misconduct, sexual assault and ... rape.”1

    If the network’s dark past with serial sexual harassers Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly tells us anything, it’s that it will take tremendous public pressure to force Fox News to do the right thing.

    Carlson may have a right to freedom of speech — but he doesn’t deserve the privilege of a national platform. Demand that Fox News fire Tucker Carlson — and get rid of anyone who is a sexual predator at their company.

    1. “Civil Suit Against Former Fox News Anchor Ed Henry Alleges Rape, Sexual Misconduct,” NPR, July 21, 2020