Dear Governor Murphy:

For the past two years, New Jerseyans have shown up by the thousands to advocate for the Civic Info Bill.

It was nothing short of historic when you signed the bill to create the Civic Info Consortium. But by pulling funding meant to keep your constituents informed and engaged, you’ve given the consortium little chance to succeed.

In your signing statement, you declared your “unwavering commitment to strengthening news outlets in New Jersey.” The best way to show that commitment is by fully funding the consortium as you promised in your FY 2019 budget when you dedicated $5 million to this landmark initiative.

New Jersey has a chance to lead the way. Your constituents and the rest of the country are watching.

Fulfill your promise and fully fund the Civic Info Bill.

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    Tell Gov. Murphy to Fulfill His Promise and Fully Fund the Civic Info Bill

    In August, Gov. Phil Murphy signed the Civic Info Bill. This was a historic victory that’s a testament to the thousands of New Jerseyans who fought for over two years for this groundbreaking legislation.

    But there’s a big catch: Despite Murphy’s promise in the 2019 budget to invest $5 million in better informing New Jersey’s communities, he’s now backtracking and claiming the money isn’t there.

    That means this fight still isn’t over.

    The Civic Info Bill establishes the Civic Info Consortium, a first-of-its-kind nonprofit that would dedicate millions to strengthening local media and investing in innovative ideas meant to keep residents better informed.

    If fully funded, the consortium will serve as a model for other states to follow. It will invest in projects that are rooted in local communities, based on collaboration and focused on uplifting the voices of people too many media outlets have systematically ignored.

    When he signed the Civic Info Bill, Gov. Murphy said he has an “unwavering commitment to strengthening news outlets in New Jersey.”

    The best way for Gov. Murphy to demonstrate his “unwavering commitment” is not through words, but action. That starts by dedicating $5 million to the consortium as he committed to doing earlier this summer.

    Sign the petition today to urge Gov. Murphy to live up to his promise of securing $5 million for the Civic Info Bill.

    Picture courtesy of Gov. Murphy’s Flickr account. Photographer: NJ Governor's Office.