To Members of Congress:

President Trump’s budget proposes a complete zeroing out of public-media funding — which represents a mere .01% of federal spending. At a time where journalism is in crisis in communities across America, we need to invest in public media, not destroy it.

Reject these public-media budget cuts.

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    Tell Congress to Restore Funding for Public Media

    ACT NOW: Trump Wants to Slash All Public-Media Funding

    President Trump and his administration have been locked in a feud with NPR for weeks — and now the president is taking aim at all public-media funding.

    Trump’s recently released slash-and-burn budget proposes zeroing out all public-media funding within two years. This would be devastating for the local NPR and PBS stations that bring much-needed investigative journalism and educational programming to local communities.

    Will you contact your members of Congress right now and urge them to reject Trump’s dangerous budget proposal and protect public media?

    At a time when journalism is under constant threat and being replaced by low-quality, hyper-targeted, ad-driven content, we need to invest more in the few remaining trusted sources for local, noncommercial news and information — not cut back.

    Please, take action today and help save public media from Trump’s attacks.