To the Federal Communications Commission:

The FCC must deny the Sinclair-Tribune merger. Sinclair has consistently proven itself to be an unworthy steward of the public airwaves — promoting racist commentators, spreading Trump propaganda, slashing newsroom staff, and forcing bigoted must-run content on local stations — and should not be rewarded with a merger that will allow the company to double down on its bad behavior.

If the FCC approves this deal, Sinclair — already the biggest broadcaster in the country — will reach more than 70 percent of the U.S. population. The FCC had to slash nearly every existing media-ownership protection to make this merger possible — a major shift the agency made without providing any chance for public comment.

We urge the FCC to listen to communities and block this despicable deal.

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    What the Hell Is Happening to Local News?

    You may have seen a viral video of friendly local news anchors across the nation reading from a frighteningly Orwellian script. The video is making millions sit up and ask:

    What the hell is happening to local news?

    The answer is Sinclair.

    Sinclair Broadcast Group is the nation’s largest broadcaster, a media empire that Free Press has been fighting for over a decade. Its shenanigans have recently reached epic levels with the help of — you guessed it — aspiring authoritarian Donald Trump and his FCC chairman, Ajit Pai.

    Local communities deserve better. But with Ajit Pai at the helm, the FCC is absolutely ignoring its duty to protect the public interest and preserve diversity among media voices.

    Instead, Pai and friends are changing rules and rolling back protections to pave the way for Sinclair’s latest project: a mega-merger with Tribune Media that will allow #TrumpTV to reach more than 70 percent of the U.S. population.

    Urge the FCC to cancel this dangerous merger and #StopSinclair now.

    Video by Deadspin