To the FCC:

For six years, the free and open internet — an essential utility in the modern age — has leaned on California state law and polite requests for good behavior from ISPs. You now have the chance to undo the grave error the Trump FCC made when it repealed the Net Neutrality rules and the agency’s Title II authority.

Abandoning Title II gave ISPs the ability to throttle our traffic, block our content and engage in paid prioritization. Doing so stripped the FCC of its ability to protect our privacy, combat monopolization, prevent billing fraud, modernize and promote the Lifeline program and much more.

An overwhelming majority of people across the political spectrum strongly supports the 2015 Obama-era rules that saw the FCC using its Title II jurisdiction to protect internet users against such bad behavior.

With years of deadlock in the rearview mirror, we urge you to swiftly and fully reinstate Net Neutrality and Title II to protect the free and open internet we all rely on.

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    A Free and Open Internet Hangs in the Balance. Tell the FCC: Reinstate Net Neutrality.

    Urge the FCC to Reinstate Title II and Net Neutrality to Protect Internet Users

    Years ago, Trump’s FCC scrapped Net Neutrality and its legal foundation, Title II. This made it easier for ISPs like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon to tamper with the telecommunications networks we rely on. Since then, we’ve had to rely on voluntary pledges from these untrustworthy companies — and California’s strong Net Neutrality law — to avert total digital calamity.

    In September, the Senate voted to confirm President Biden’s nominee, Anna Gomez, to the FCC, and give Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel a fully functional agency that’s ready to act on a long list of key priorities. That means it’s time for a lasting solution — full restoration of Title II and Net Neutrality — to the precarious limbo the internet has been in.

    Add your name to our petition urging the FCC to reinstate Title II authority and Net Neutrality to protect a free and open internet for all.