To the Federal Communications Commission:

The proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint would be disastrous for the millions of people who rely on mobile broadband for access to health care, education, employment, news and much more.

This deal would be especially harmful for low-income people and communities of color — expanding the digital divide that Chairman Ajit Pai has repeatedly said he wants to eliminate.

We’re calling on you to reject this merger. Protect affordability and access by promoting healthy competition between mobile providers. Our futures depend on it.

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    T-Mobile Is Selling Out

    It’s official: T-Mobile is selling out, and the days of the “Un-carrier" are dead.

    The company that shook up the industry by ditching contracts and lowering costs is now doing its best AT&T impression in pursuit of a disastrous mega-merger.1

    Back in 2012, we were all amazed when T-Mobile’s brash CEO, John Legere, stormed into the market with a hot-pink focus on customers.

    Faster upgrades brought the newest smartphones into low-income households. “No-Credit Check” plans meant that the racist credit-rating system could no longer serve as a barrier to entry for people of color.

    But now T-Mobile has decided to put profits over people and take away the one thing that helps protect all consumers: competition.

    Every time T-Mobile cuts its prices, Sprint and other companies create new deals in response. If this merger is approved, the loss of two competitors will mean higher prices for all of us — and that will disproportionately harm people of color, low-income communities, and residents of rural and outlying areas who have few options to connect.

    We could go on and on about this, but instead we’ll leave you with the words of the T-Mobile CEO himself. Last year, he wrote the following on his blog:

    This industry is far from where it needs to be, and its entire structure and landscape is changing ... we will continue to drag the duopoly (yep, kicking and screaming) into treating their customers better and delivering more value!

    Let’s call B.S. on John Legere, the FCC and everyone else whose actions don’t match their claims that they care about people’s right to connect. Tell the FCC to stop the T-Mobile/Sprint merger and protect the public from greedy corporations.

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