To Apple and Google:

Your terms of service for your respective app stores can provide critical guardrails for user experiences within the apps hosted in your marketplaces. If Elon Musk eliminates the block button on X, we ask that you remove X from your app stores. Please use your power to ensure that users have the tools they need to protect themselves.

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    Tell Apple and Google: Stop carrying X if Musk removes the blocking feature!

    Tell Apple and Google to Remove X from Their App Stores if Elon Musk Eliminates the Block Button

    Elon Musk is floating yet another awful “improvement” to the user experience on the app formerly known as Twitter: eliminating the block button that people have long relied on to protect themselves from hateful accounts and toxic behavior on the social-media platform.1

    But it doesn’t have to be this way: Apple and Google have terms and conditions for a reason, and they need to enforce them. We’re calling on the gatekeepers of the app marketplace to take responsibility for the apps they offer customers: Add your name today.

    1. “Elon Musk Says X Will Get Rid of Blocking,” The Los Angeles Times, Aug. 18, 2023