To T-Mobile and other Fox News advertisers:

Fox News has displayed an outright disregard for the truth about the 2020 elections and COVID-19. It has willfully spread hate and disinformation — no matter how vile — to pander to the beliefs of its conservative base and boost ratings.

The result is a world where hate crimes against Black people, Asian people and other communities of color are surging, election officials are fearing for their safety, and the number of deaths from COVID-19 is increasing.

By propping up Fox News’ platform of hate and lies with your advertising dollars, you share in the blame. We are calling on you today to pull all advertising dollars from Fox News and refuse to help this network spread racism and disinformation.

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    Fox Advertisers: Stop Supporting Hate and Disinformation

    Tell T-Mobile & Other Advertisers: You Share the Blame

    Last summer, T-Mobile and others pulled their ads from Tucker Carlson Tonight in a (seemingly sincere) protest over his latest round of racist remarks. But in reality, T-Mobile was doing little more than posturing — as all the company actually did was shift its ad spending to other Fox News programs.

    Fast forward to today — and T-Mobile and other corporations continue to prop up Fox’s platform of hate and lies by purchasing ads across its network.

    Tell T-Mobile and other advertisers: Stop helping Fox News spread hate and disinformation on COVID-19, vaccines and more.