To Members of the House and Senate:

Networks like Fox News, Newsmax and OANN transmit hate and disinformation into homes and businesses across the country. I am forced to subsidize this content in my monthly bills if I want to access channels like the Food Network.

I urge you to pass legislation that would allow consumers to purchase only the channels they want to view. Stop forcing us to pay for hate.

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    You may be subsidizing Fox News without even knowing it.

    Tell Congress: I Won’t Pay for Hate

    It’s not the MyPillow guy who’s keeping Fox News afloat: It’s you.

    The average household pays $2 a month to Fox News in subscriber fees — so you’re paying for Fox whether you watch it or not.

    Every cable subscriber is forced to subsidize the company’s racism, hate, election lies, COVID disinformation and more through subscriber fees — which are two to five times higher than the fees for networks like CNN or MSNBC.

    This is the money that protects Fox News from advertiser boycotts — and keeps it going despite its horrifying content. But Congress can put a stop to it.

    Tell your members of Congress to stop cable companies from forcing customers to pay for content they don’t want to support.