To YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki:

You have reaped profits while Donald Trump has repeatedly violated your company’s policies and posted content on his YouTube page that has used racist rhetoric and promoted conspiracy theories about the election.

For far too long, YouTube has failed to address the spread of hate and disinformation on its platform. The company has given repeat offenders a megaphone while other social-media sites have banned those accounts all together.

The “risk of violence” will never decrease if Trump is allowed a platform. Trump incited a violent insurrection and has emboldened dangerous white-supremacist groups. He has no place on YouTube. He should not be allowed to return to the platform.

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    Every time Trump is given an audience, the risk of violence rises exponentially.

    Tell YouTube to Ban Trump Permanently

    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has said that Donald Trump would be allowed to return to the video platform when “the risk of violence decreases.”1

    The problem is, every time Trump is given an audience, the risk of violence rises exponentially.

    For years Trump’s rhetoric has put all of us — but particularly Black and Brown people, Muslims and other vulnerable communities — in danger. His speech launching his 2016 presidential campaign dehumanized immigrants and Mexicans, he attacked people of color throughout his presidency and from the start of the pandemic he repeatedly misnamed COVID-19 the “Chinese virus”.

    When Trump opens his mouth, the risk of real-world violence goes up. Look no further than the Jan. 6 white-supremacist insurrection at the Capitol, which he incited.

    Tell YouTube: Restoring Trump’s account increases the risk of violence. Permanently ban Trump now.

    1. "YouTube CEO: Trump to Be Reinstated Once 'Risk of Violence' Passes," Politico, March 4, 2021