Have you or someone you know been the victim of an online scam?

    Do you feel like you’re being monitored online? Does the content you see seem connected to information companies collect about you?

    Do you have a story about how your phone is listening to you?

    Have you lost a friend or family member to lies about the pandemic or election?

    Have you ever learned about how much personal information a company has about you that you don’t remember giving to it? What happened?

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    Tell Us YOUR Story

    Media and technology companies play a huge role in our daily lives — and we all have stories to tell.

    We all deal with these companies, sometimes with horrible consequences in our personal lives.

    • We are micro-targeted with content we didn’t choose.
    • We are forced to interact with advertising.
    • Some of us have even witnessed friends and family members fall for lies about the pandemic or elections.

    We are gathering stories from people about the impacts of excessive data collection, lack of privacy and corporate surveillance as it relates to our daily lives.

    So what’s your story?